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With degrees from both Harvard University and the National University of Singapore, Robin combines the best of Eastern culture and the Western world, commuting throughout the year between Boston, Malaysia and Singapore, making sure operations of carbon nano-fiber eco-fabric apparel sold by Greenyarn meets the highest standards and sales goals are met in each market. His diverse skills and interests make him a very popular speaker and advisor in both the academic and corporate circles of the USA, Europe and Asia in the fields of social media, manufacturing and marketing.

As co-founder of Relief 2.0, he has raised awareness on the need of more efficient disaster response approaches with the traveling exhibit of his photos from Haiti, Japan and Nepal immediately after the earthquakes and later in the USA, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Japan, Malaysia and Taiwan.

Robin's social interests have led him create several socially oriented businesses in Asia, such as x-Sandals, where outcast amputee lepers manufacture innovative sandals with interchangeable straps to make a decent living.

His cat, @SatsugaiCat, has over 20,000 followers on Twitter.

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