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Resilience Innovation Lab

Disasters come in many form, and how communities respond and recover depends a lot on the communities themselves. An unprepared community can react negatively, constantly firefighting problems that crop up, whereas another community could be responding in an orderly manner, as everyone knows exactly what to do. In emergency situations, regular training and guidelines may not work as people tend to panic and forget what to do, but if they are part of the community that help create solutions, everyone knows their role and what they can do for the community.

Solar Forward

The initiative is aiming to provide Rural Solar Energy Solution for 500 earthquake surviving families through the piloting of "Pay Forward" model for the first time in the Nepal

Solar Energy Storage Hackathon 2016

Registration started on 18 April, 2016, this event lasted the next few weeks with workshop on Solar Energy, Carbon Footprint Calculation, and Social Business. 

The actual Solar Energy Storage Hackathon is on 14 - 17 June at the Science Center Singapore. Many secondary school students, junior college students and undergrads joined the hackathon.