Civil Dialogue: Peer conversations among unlikely equals.

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Horizontal collaboration where participating stakeholders are engaged as equals and are both motivated and required to give and receive, adding value to all parties in the relationship.

We connect groups at extreme opposites and bring them together to learn about and appreciate each other through open conversations, guided interactions and joint activities.

We seek to promote harmony among them through direct interaction, joint projects and share  activities where each party learns from each other and collaborates on common goals.

We deliberately avoid the initiatives to be perceived as aid programs and the conventional condescending relationship where one party benefits from the other and one give and another receives. We believe everyone has a lot to give, teach and share and we enable the collaborative platform and logistics to allow each party to add value and generate shared value.

We've been enabling and hosting these encounters and exchanges since 2012, with some amazing experiences and outcomes, including:

  • A DreamWorks movie director sharing with children of remote communities his drawing skills and with aspiring young artists the secrets of his succes;
  • A world renowned tap dancer teaching young migrant children from the sugar cane plantations how to dance and sharing his path as a cultural entrepreneur path with inmates serving time in jail in the company of an amazing percussionist who makes his own instruments and writes poetry.
  • A molecular biology PhD from Stanford sharing her unexpected academic path with senior high school students.
  • Female social entrepreneurs from Dubai sharing with Latino students their social reality and hosting puppet creation workshops with Haitian children.
  • A Singaporean social entrepreneur sharing with inmates and young entrepreneurs his success with environmentally sustainable products.
  • A female romance novel author and National Geographic reporter hosting storytelling workshops with children in Haïti and the Dominican Republic.
  • A female Stanford Peace Innovation Fellow sharing with female and young entrepreneurs in Singapore, Haiti and Dominican Republic.
  • A film maker sharing about his comedy crime film and career path with jail inmates. He was so impressed by them that he ended up making a love behind bars movie and casting them as actors. Their film was a Sundance Film Festival Selection and nominated in the category of foreign films to the Oscars!

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